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Paul Gilbert Interview: Master of Shred

The name Paul Gilbert conjures up images of death defying shred and an almost unmatched technical ferocity, yet there's much more to this most genial of guitarists than pure guitar wizardry. Whilst Paul is undoubtably one of the most fearsomely gifted guitarists ever to draw breath, he also combines an advanced compositional ability with a great pop sensibilty - quite simply the man is a great songwriter, something often ovelooked.

Phil Hilborne Interview: The Guv'nor Part One

When we sat down and conceived Alloutguitar.com back in 2005, I had a wish list of players that I really wanted to feature. Phil Hilborne was right at the top: for anyone learning to play rock guitar growing up in the 80's and early 90's in the UK, Phil was pretty much omnipresent. As music editor of Guitarist magazine, and latterly co-founder and Music and CD Editor of Guitar Techniques, Phil influenced and taught a whole generation how to play - and play properly....

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