Blues Legend: ROBERT CRAY!

Elevenses Throws Eleven Quick Questions At Blues Legend Robert Cray and gets Eleven Quick Answers right back...

For thirty-plus years Robert Cray has laid down track after track of good-time, uptown, low-down blues. He's won five Grammys and been nominated for 11 more, inspired critics to praise his soulful vocal and instrumental artistry, earned respect from his peers, and sent young guitarists running back to the woodshed.

Blues Phenomenon: MATT SCHOLFIELD!

Today's Elevenses Throws Eleven Quick Questions At 'Blues Phenomenon' Matt Scholfield!

Inspired by the Blues, infused with the funk rhythms of New Orleans and topped-off by virtuoso musicianship, Matt Schofield is being talked of as the finest Blues guitarist to have emerged in Europe for several generations, perhaps even in the World, and has received rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic.

Gary Moore Interview - Sticking With The Blues

Career Retrospective

"... whenever I was in the dressing room on my own, I'd start playing blues to myself. One night, Bob Daisley, the bass player, came in and said, "You know, Gary, you should make a blues album next. It might be the biggest thing you ever did." I laughed, you know. He laughed, too. But I did, and he was right, and it was." Gary Moore, speaking of a moment leading up to the making of his "Still Got The Blues" album, released in 1990.

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