Opeth's Progressive Leader: MIKAEL AKERFELDT!

Today's Elevenses Throws Eleven Quick Questions At 'Opeth's Progressive Leader' Mikael Akerfeldt!

Mikael Åkerfeldt is the highly influential leader of Swedish Prog Metal Masters Opeth. Mikael is known for his progressive songwriting, guitar prowess and unique vocals. Opeth have released eight studio albums, two live recordings, a box set and are a major force on the live circuit.

So what’s your drink of choice at 11am in the morning?

Coffee and orange/strawberry freshly squeezed juice.

Which song/album really made you want to play guitar?

I would have to say something by The Scorpions. I was obsessed with Mathias Jabs and I guess I still thinks he's ace!

Who’s the world’s greatest guitarist?

Impossible to say, there's so many styles and no-one as far as I know cover all styles. I guess Hendrix is one of them, Eddie Van Halen, Bert Jansch, Django Reinhardt...you know....there's too many and too many different styles.

Who’s the world’s most underrated guitarist?

That would have to be Andy Latimer from Camel.

So what are you up to at the moment?

Take a wild guess!

What was the last gig you went to (as a member of the audience)?
Who would be in your dream line-up?

That was Porcupine Tree here in Stockholm. Good gig too!

I have a love/hate relationship with these questions. I'll base this on good musicians who just might be able to write good music together:

Ronnie James Dio - Vocals

Joni Mitchell - Vocals, piano

Jerry Donahue - Guitars

Richard Nettermalm - Drums

Paul McCartney - Bass guitar, vocals

How many guitars do you own and which one is ‘your precious’?

I have a bunch, I don't know really. Around 10-11 PRS guitars, 3 Strats, 1 Les Paul, 1 SG, 1 Flying V, 2 Martins, I Amalio Burguet + a bunch of some more shitty guitars.

My precious is a Custom Modern Eagle 24 fret single cut that I got from them last year. It's unique, only one made and it's by far the best guitar I have ever played, plus it's a feast for the eyes as well!

What’s the last great album that you bought (or were given)?

Actually "The Eternal Idol" by Black Sabbath.

Do you suffer from stage fright?

Yes I do.

So what’s your favourite tipple at 11pm in the evening?

Coffee, Corona, dry red wine.