Elevenses Special With Rising Progressive duo: PROJECT 8105!

In an Elevenses Special, we catch up with UK Prog duo Project 8105...

"Project 8105" are a Progressive Metal/Pop/Rock/Jazz outfit comprising of 2 members - Lucky Singh (28) & Kevin Bartlett (31) both hailing from the UK (Telford/Shropshire). Having worked together for since 2003 on numerous projects they have hit the Music scene with there epic debut which contains musicianship that steps deep into Dream Theatre like territory.

Guitarist/Songwriter Lucky Singh also entered "Guitar Idol 2008" with his entry peice "Sorrow" which gained him a seat up amongst the honourable mentions (Best Of The Rest) www.guitar-idol.co.uk/sorrow. Lucky is also set to release his 10 track Instrumental debut album within the next couple of months which also features Kevin on Drums, alongside a 12 track commercial pop/rock based self titled album with their outfit "Tokyo Rules" If your a fan of music catering for all genres best keep a close eye on these guys.