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John Wright Interview - Young Blues Master

This is a monthly interview series that will be looking at nationally unsung, but locally championed guitarists. In every town and regional area the length and breadth of the UK, guitarists are out there playing in pubs, clubs and on the function circuit.

Andy Timmons Interview - Sonic Integrity


If you were to ask a dozen or so top professional rock guitarists
to name some of their favourite players, the odds are that the name Andy Timmons would feature prominently. The definition of a consummate professional, Andy has had a long and varied career since he first came to attention at the tail end of the 80’s with hair metal rockers Danger Danger.

Guthrie Govan Interview - The Virtuoso's Virtuoso


Guthrie Govan is recognised by his peers as possibly the scariest guitarist alive. Combining an unparalleled technical ability with a mastery of almost all styles, Guthrie is equally at home comping in a trad jazz combo as he is performing death-defying ‘shred’ guitar. Coupled with some seriously funky grooves and an encyclopaedic knowledge of popular music styles, a wonderfully developed slide style and improvisational abilities to match anyone, he may just be the most complete guitarist out there.

Greg Howe Interview - Fusion Maestro


Greg Howe burst upon the international guitar scene in 1988 with his eponymous self titled debut album. Greg’s brand of hyper kinetic rock guitar was a combination of world class technique and jaw dropping virtuosity with a bluesy and funky sensibility that clearly separated him from the herd.

Rob Balducci Interview - Guitar In 3D

US guitarist Rob Balducci first gained attention in the mid 1990’s with his well received independently produced debut album ‘Balance’. Many rock ‘guitar virtuoso’ who first appeared on the scene in that ‘muso’ unfriendly decade gave it up due to the unfavourable musical climate, but Rob kept working away and – particularly since the turn of the century – has enjoyed a steady rise in his fortunes.

Simon Lees Interview - The One Man Rock Show


Simon Lees is one of the UK’s best rock guitarists and can be seen plying his trade across many Midlands watering holes, week in week out, with his acclaimed One Man Rock Show. Currently also the lead guitarist for traditional Welsh Metal band Budgie, Simon’s hyper-charged melodic rock guitar playing owes much to the Michael Schenker/John Norum/Kee Marchello school of players.

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